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What I’m going to do now

So now I kind of don’t know what to do, since I want to do so many things but don’t know what’s the most relevant one to start on.

notesI think I’ll start with the first thing. Find all the logos of each country, in the best quality possible.

Then I think I’ll read the wikipedia pages about post service, because I think as a way to start reading on the subject, wikipedia serves just fine, and I can find many useful things in it actually.


Post Horn

Homing Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon


Workshop 01 Russel Bestley

1st Step


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I tried to make my presentation fast and on point.

2nd Step


 1st point

This was the poster I showed in class.


But it is weird and ugly, and so the next day I made another one.


In this one I didn’t try that hard to do something post related. It’s way better in its simplicity.


2nd point


Here I kind of just showcased all the logos in the world without hinting I was going to find the relationships between them and their meanings. Since I know what my work is gonna be about, I was so immersed in it, that didn’t realize that it didn’t showed my intentions towards the work.


3rd Step 


Three unknown things

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Three known things

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This step was a complete fail, I totally forgot about the “communicate in visual methods part”. I sometimes struggle in the weirdest things. Case in point, struggling to find 6 facts. I lost too much time on it.

4th Step

In class I showed this poster.

1stposterHere I tried to make some kind of color gradient with the logos, as a way if showing I would categorize them. In my first attempt though, I tried to categorize only the pictorial part of the logos, and I thought it didn’t work as a poster. Now looking at it, I thing it could have worked with some tweaks. But bad decisions got in the way.

Anyway, here is the first version of the poster.



– Horns
– Depictions of the globe
– Arrows
– Animals
– Flying animals (mainly homing pigeon)
– Flying objects
– Envelopes
– Post related icons
– Human body depictions
– Crowns
– Type based
– Rejects (didn’t really knew how to categorize them)

In class after hearing the teachers opinions and advice on how I could improve the poster, I came home and worked to refine it. So I took the given idea of accentuating some logos, as a way to show the connections between them. And then put my own twist on it and actually draw lines connecting them.


Some new ideas 03

Another idea I had was to study post mail logos. In a first search I collected each national post logo from each country of Europe.

(the year refers to the year the national post was created in the country)TODOS

I was thinking: if I stick only to Europe, I can research a little of each country to know the reason why the logo is how it is and the changes it suffered.
If I do the logos of every country in world I can compare them all with each other, see the differences and the similarities, and such.

But I don’t want to start envisioning much how the work could be, because I know that it prevents me from exploring outside of what I am envisioning, and I much prefer to be taken to different places and points of view if I’m not chained to a specific idea.

This idea was inspired basically copied from Joana’s idea about the train logos. Also Hugo was the one who mentioned how interesting it might be to do it about about post logos. I tried to do this about prison logos, but I discovered prisons don’t have logos (shame).

Some new ideas 02

Another idea I had which also came in form of a question (two actually) was: “De que maneira é que obras de arte influenciaram o design?” and De que maneira é que as correntes artisticas influenciaram o design?

I did some quick research on the matter:

How have art movements influenced graphic design?
The History of Graphic Design and Computational Form

And although I think this theme is interesting for me, I don’t think its very original. I feel like maybe there’s already much data about it, and I won’t bring anything new to it.

Some new ideas

One of these days while watching a silly internet video, which relates somehow to hip hop,I wondered: why does the hip hop community use blackletter?


I commented this in class with the classmates and Hugo said that it’s probably because of the tattoos that were made in jail which are in blackletter (which we are costumed to see tattooed on many rappers). And I questioned but why are the tattoos in blackletter, why choose this particular kind of typography?

I thought this would be a good theme for me to explore, plus I was genuinely curious has to why the use of this typography. I first started as I always do, searching by keywords in eye magazine, design observer’s websites. In a quick search for “hip hop” I came across an article of some importance, although it didn’t talk about what I wanted it mentioned a documentary I thought might help me.

I then typed “hip hop blackletter” into google and the first link was of an typophile thread whose its original poster’s question was exactly mine. This was a long thread but I took some notes about some of the things the various posters responded.

Martin Luther (in my ignorance I first thought people were talking about Marthin Luther King, later I found out it wasn’t, thanks to Sandra Oliveira’s thesis on “Caligrafia e tipografia góticas: factores culturais, políticos e religiosos inerentes a uma forma de letra) printed the bible in blackletter.

– Nazis banned blackletter

– It looks like it came from the Mexican gangs and its tattoos-Mexican blackletter.

When thinking of blackletter I totally forgot how rock and metal bands use it even more than hip hop artists.

Other links about this (some entirely read, some not) :

The Mexican Blackletter Typographic Tradition
AC/DC logo
Gerard Huerta
Where is the Blackletter
What is the connection between blackletter and violent / extreme culture
Blackletter in Mexico
The meanings of type